Microprocessor-operated Regulator TE 5401

Basic Characteristics:

  • Powerfull industrial control, regulation and measuring system at process station level

  • Use of state-of-the-art microprocessor circuits produced by prestigious manufacturers

  • Dependable one-board workmanship

  • Possibility of connection to the central control system

  • Diagnostics of both the technology and HW

Flow Chart:


Specification of Technical Solution and Functions:

Implemented and Possible Applications:

  • Static- and brushless- excitation regulator

  • Turbo-generator measuring system

  • Stand-by system of synchronous generator protections

  • Electric machine monitoring system

  • Speed regulation of DC motor

  • Speed control of induction squirrel-cage motor

  • Cycloconverter control

  • Hydro-electric- and turbo-generator control

  • Technology process control

  • Starter control for all types of motors