Brushless Excitation Systems for Generators and MotorsBBS

Basic Charakteristics:

  • Excitation of synchronous machines of power from 500 kW to 100 MW


  • Excitation of machines with AC/DC exciters



  • State-of-the-art microprocessor control with all additional functions



  • Use of power semi-conductor elements by SEMICRON and Siemens - Eupec



  • Optimum solution from the view point of field energy and speed of field suppression



Type series:





brushless exciter for generators up to 500 MVA


brushless exciter for motors with exciter

Flow chart:



Specification of Technical Solution and Functions:

  • Digital Tenel-AVR one-board microprocessor regulator built on circuits produced by leading manufacturers - INTEL, Thompson, etc.

  • Compact regulation output cascade built on SEMICRON elements

  • Variants of regulator deliveries, excitation and protections cubicle and/or complete generator switchboard with set measuring and control

  • Stand-by unit of manual cotrol

  • Choice possibility of regulation: Voltage - Power factor - Reactive power - Field current

  • Implemented additional functions in AVR: stator and rotor current limiters, protection against machine oversaturation U/f, keeping guard over underexcitation limit

  • Stand-by system of generator protections in AVR

  • RS 485 serial communication interface by Modbus RTU protocol for connect. to central control

  • Possibility of extension of AVR algorithms with auxil.drives control and set appliances control

  • Diagnostic functions in AVR making putting into operation and operation checking easier

  • Complete measuring of currents, voltages, outputs, power factor on the AVR display

  • Fitting of AVR with EEPROM memory for storage of parameters for putting into operation

  • Fitting of regulator with history and statistics for operation monitoring and set failure analysis