Soft-Starters For Asynchronous (Squirrel-Cage) Motors

Basic Characteristics:

  • Electronic soft-starters of L.V. squirrel-cage motors of output power from 100 kW to 700 kW and H.V. squirrel-cage motors of output power from 300 kW to 1500 kW for low starting-load torque

  • Programmable microprocessor control enables working comfort, fexibility and a number of additional functions

  • Stepless and smooth control of voltage, torque and motor-speed according to required course of starting

  • Compact solution in one cubicle

  • Turn-key supply including service

Flow Chart:


Specification of Technical Solution and Functions:

  • Use of power thyristors by Siemens - Eupec

  • TENEL Microprocessor Control built on circuits produced by leading manufacturers (INTEL, Thompson, etc.)

  • Adjustable starting-voltage, kick-start and starting ramp

  • High allowable number of repeted starts

  • Speed coupling

  • LCD display

  • A number of additional functions - measuring, failure history, protections (overload, overvoltage, loss of phasis, etc.) RS 485 serial communication interface by Modbus RTU protocol for remote control, monitoring and programming