Reconstruction of Drives of Compressors, Pumps, Hoisting Engines, Mills, Masticators, Wood Grinders

Basic Characteristics:

  • Reconstruction of relay protections, cabling, manual control, excitation

  • Turn-key supply

  • Supply of digital protections, state-of-the-art excitation system and control in one cubicle

  • Possible connection to the central control system

Flow Chart:


Specification of Technical Solution and Functions:

Implemented and Possible Applications:

  • Control systems TE 5401, 5301 (TENEL), or SIMATIC (Siemens)

  • Digital protections by General Electric, SEG, ABB, ALSTHOM, or Siemens

  • Static excitation or exciter excitation controlled by digital AVR

  • Concentration of all devices in a 1600 x 600 x 2100 mm cubicle

  • Complete measuring and temperature protections

  • Possibility of local and remote control

  • RS 485 serial communication interface by Modbus RTU protocol for connection to the central control