Frequency Converters For Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors

Basic Characteristics:

  • Frequency converters for variable-speed drives with AC electromotors

  • Use for L.V. and H.V. motors of output power from 100 kW to 2 MW

  • State-of-the-art microprocessor control, precise motor-speed regulation, flexibility, energy savings and a number of additional functions

  • Use of power semi-conduktor elements by Siemens - Eupec

  • Compact solution in one cubicle

  • Turn-key supply including service

Flow Chart:


Specification of Technical Solution and Functions:

  • Digital one-board microprocessor TENEL Regulator built on circuits produced by leading manufacturers - INTEL, Thompson, etc.

  • Converters built on Siemens - Eupec elements

  • Fitting of regulator with EEPROM memory for storage of parameters for putting into operation

  • Fitting of regulator with history and statistics for operation monitoring

  • Operator dialog panel with graphic display and keyboard

  • Representation of electric measuring and operating conditions on regulator display

  • Additional drive protecting functions (overload, decrease in speed, underexcitation, etc.)

  • Motor protection stand-by system (overvoltage, overcurrents, speed, etc.)

  • RS 485 serial communication interface by Modbus RTU protocol for remote control, monitoring and programming